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Yuni Ahn for Shanghai Tang Collection

Yuni Ahn for Shanghai Tang

Ushering in a new era, Yuni Ahn for Shanghai Tang debuts with a Pre-Fall 2021 Collection inspired by the spirit of today’s modern women and their confidence and attitude.

Through the collaboration, Yuni Ahn brings a bold design sensibility with an everyday luxury wardrobe infused with Chinese elements.

Yuni Ahn weaves redefined elements throughout the collection, featuring modern design motifs inspired by the qipao, lattice, bamboo and moon.

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The Print

This Floral Jacquard Print makes its debut as an exclusive design for the collection.
Inspired by 19th century Chinese paintings, this unique fabric requires a special technique to print the design on top of the jacquard that invites closer inspection with its intricate detailing and elegant muted palette of colours

Refined Flourish

An accent piece that gives any outfit a refined flourish, the Yuni Ahn for Shanghai Tang silk scarf comes in two versatile sizes that can be styled multiple ways - roll it up and tie it at the back of the neck for a bandana-like effect.

For a complete look, the scarf design features the exclusive updated Yuni Ahn for Shanghai Tang lattice pattern to match with ready-to-wear pieces across the collection.


Across the Yuni Ahn for Shanghai Tang Pre-Fall 2021 Collection, modern qipao, lattice, bamboo and moon motifs make a creative impact.

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